luke mawdsley


merseyside, uk


 luke mawdsley (they/them) is a neurodivergent non-binary artist from the west coast of merseyside, where a dilapidated sea-side town provides a ligature for mawdsley’s subversive explorations of gender, sexuality, power and identity formation.

formally of cavalier song and mésange, mawdsley has earned a reputation for a range of stirring performances and recordings that combine poetic art forms – from the surreal montage styles of marcel duchamp and andré breton to the erotic photography of pier molinier. mawdsley’s self-sufficient practice also draws on the experimental poetry of sharon olds and rainer maria rilke with the eclectic musical influences of artists such as scott walker, marisa anderson, wendy carlos and neil young. The result is a series of compositions rooted in progressive experimentation, with the body central to their investigations of queerness and psychological dislocation.


photo by rebecca hawley